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Needs List

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Thank You letter from Ukrainian Colonel Cak


Your support is appreciated. Thank You.

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         __CPR Masks
         __Respiratory tubing
        __Burn + bleed control kits
            (Celox bleed stop)
         __Medical Tape
         __ Splints
         __Antibiotic Ointment
         __Pain Reliever
         __Anti –diarrheal
         __Heartburn Relief

         __Powdered formula
         __Powdered Pedialyte
         __Baby food pouches +dry snacks (no glass)
         __Diaper rash ointment
         __Thermal Onsies + Swaddles


         __Eye drops
         __Cough + flu medicine
         __Travel size toiletries
         __ Nail Clippers
         __Feminine products

     __Non-perishables (well packaged)
     __Canned goods
     __Protein bars
     __Powdered electrolytes
     __Disposable plates + tableware
     __Candy (Not chocolate – It melts. No candies that melt)

Soldiers (dark colors only please):
     __Thermal clothing
     __Summer fatigues (Shirts & Pants)  
     __Long warm socks
     __Tactical gear/equipment
     __MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat)
     __New sleeping bags
     __Camping mats
     __Bulletproof vests
              __UV Flashlights
              __ etc.

Adult (must be new please)

     __Plain T Shirts
     __Over-sized zip-up hoodies
     __ Flip-flops and Crocs
     __ Pajama pants
     __ Fleece blankets
     __ Adult incontinence products

Click to to print Vet list PDF

2. Animal Shelter and Veterinarian List

The foundation has another request from Ukrainian personnel who work with abandoned
animals whose heartbroken owners had to leave Ukraine to save their lives from Putin’s
army. These dogs, cats, and other small and large animals rely on an army of
volunteers/veterinarian doctors/technicians and animal lovers.

Supplies are very low and this is their wish list:
         __ Medication to fight fleas/ticks/heartworm
         ___Special food for dogs and cats with kidney/urinary problems
         ___Food for puppies and kittens
         ___Powdered milk for dogs and cats
         ___Any veterinarian equipment
         ___Anti-allergy medicine
         ___Bandages, ear care and eye care
         ___Medication to stop bleeding
         ___Animal cages – different sizes
         ___Cat and dogs vaccines
         ___Cat and dogs antibiotics
         ___Disposable syringes
         ___Dental chew for dogs
         ___Leashes and collars
         ___Toys for puppies/kittens
         ___Dog good dry, dog food cans
         ___Cat food dry, cat food cans
         ___Chews and rawhide
         ___Arthritis and pain relief medications
         ___Wound care


Image of bags of pet food ready for shipment
Dog and cat food bound for the Animal Red Cross in Ukraine. Much more needed!

Click to to print solfier's list PDF

3. Military Clothing and Equipment Needed

Tactical summer shoes Sizes:US 8; 8.5; 9; 9.5; 10; 10.5; 11; 11.5; 12; 12.5; 13; 13.5; 14; 14.5; 15 (300-350 pairs)
Tactical summer gloves Sizes: M; L; XL (total – 300-350 pairs)
Tactical pants Sizes: S M L XL (total – 300-350)
Tactical summer jackets Sizes: S M L XL (total – 300-350)
Tactical T-shirts Sizes: S M L XL (total – 1000-1200)
Tactical panamanians (hats) (total – 300-350)
Tactical knee pads (total – 500 pairs0
Tactical backpacks 35-40 liters (total – 300)
Kevlar helmets (with camouflage covers) (total – 300 – 350)
Active tactical headphones (total – 300-350)
Tactical glasses (total – 500)
Tactical first aid kits (standard NATO) (total – 5000)
Body armor Classes: 3; 3+; 4; 4+; 5; 5+ (total – 500)
Quadcopters Weight 1 kg and over; Camera: 4K; Flight duration: over 30 min, Flight range: over 7
km (4.5 miles) (need 50)
Powerbanks 10 000 mAh and over (total – 500)
Portable diesel generators (minimum noise) (total – 40)
Portable solar stations with inverters for power supply of equipment in the field
(220 V, 24 V, USB 4-5 slots) (total – 40)
Military walkie-talkies (radio) (total – 100)
Thermal imagers-monoculars (from 800 m and over) (total – 50)
Night vision devices - monoculars (from 800 m and over) (total – 50)
Monoculars with rangefinder (10 x and over) (total – 50)
Tablets (Android) for artillery Technical requirements are minimal (total – 40)
Assault rifle collimators (total – 300-350)
Heavy tactical belts containing many tools (total – 500)
Evacuation stretchers without frame (total – 50)
Summer sleeping bags (total – 500)
Flask (1 liter) with mounting (total – 1000)
Military tents different sizes (5-100 people) (total – 50)
Portable shower systems (total – 100)
Chainsaws (total – 40)
Turnstiles CAT-7 (like standard NATO) (total – 10,000)


Image of Soldiers with backpacks and trauma kits from Little Wing
Grateful Soldiers with backpacks and trauma kits from Little Wing. More needed!


Please send
GOOD USED BOOTS (any size) for men and women fighting in worn-out footware


Click to to print Service Dogs list PDF

4. Military Service Dogs Urgent Needs

We have a special request from Ukrainian military personnel who work on the front
line with service dogs. These dogs not only support and protect army personnel they
also defend democracy in Ukraine. They are brave soldiers and they need support.

Please help find these urgent needs for our four legged soldiers.

         __ Strap-unloading for a service dog - 30 kits
         __ Leashes in rubber - 30 kits
         __ Military paw boots for dogs - 30 kits
         __ Special military dog helmets for eye protection - 30 kits
         __ Body armor for Malinois and German Shepherds - 30 kits
         __ First aid kits for service dogs - 30 kits
         __ Protection against fleas and ticks - a lot
         __ Kong dog toy (on a string) - 30

Image of miltary service dog
Special items are needed for these trusty service dogs

Click to to print Ministry of Health list PDF

5. Ministry of Health of Ukraine Medicine and Medical Needs

HUMANITARIAN AID (monthly need)

1. Medicines
Priority 1
Tranexamic acid, ampoule 210980
Gelofusin (INN Gelatin agents), vial 202669
Atropine, ampoule 6673
Povidone-iodine, vial 160425
Meropenem, vial 125248
Fentanyl, ampoule 89721
Fraxiparine, ampoule, pre-filled syringes (INN Nadroparin) 102864
Diazepam, ampoule 84336
Atracurium, ampoule 59781
Trimeperidine (Promedol), ampoule 43269
Insulin, ampoule, pre-filled syringe 23540
Naloxone, ampoule 24710
Methylthioninium chloride/methylene blue, vial 12866
Ondansetron, ampoule, vial 15457
Priority 2
Adrenaline, ampoule 45597
Autoinjector (ATNAA, DuoDote, MARK I) 700000
Ambroxol, vial 53930
Amikacin, lyophilisate/solution for injection, vial 45280
Amiodarone, tablet 117477
Amoxicillin + Clavulanic acid, tablet 134000
Acetylcysteine, tablet, sachet 135889
Aciclovir, tablet 46029
Vancomycin, vial 48798
Haloperidol, tablet 59212
Heparin, ampoule, vial 76479
Gidazepam, tablet 124529
Hydrocortisone, ampoule 35301
Hydroxyethylstarch, vial 62390
Gliclazide, tablet 613095
Glimepiride, tablet 290547
Glucose, vial 176145
Hemostatic sponge, ampoule 90780
Dexketoprofen trometamol, ampoule 171005
Dexpanthenol, ointment, spray 50336
Diclofenac, tablet 123593
Dithylin (Suxamethonium), ampoule 95376
Dopamine, ampoule 87910
Drotaverine, ampoule 564415
Enoxaparin, ampoule, pre-filled syringes 89092
Etamsylate, ampoule 206919
Parenteral nutrition, amino acid solutions, vial 47107
Balanced electrolyte solution (electrolytes), vial 154181
Isosorbide dinitrate, tablet 47492
Imipenem + cilastatin, vial 32842
Ketorolac, solution for injection, ampoule 190668
Anti-cold comb drug Fervex, sachet (INN aracetamol,
combinations excl. psycholeptics) 199659
Anti-cold comb drug Fervex, tablet (INN Paracetamol,
combinations excl. psycholeptics) 102694

Silicium dioxide, tablet 161920
Levofloxacin solution, vial 148703
Lidocaine, ampoule 385895
Loperamide, tablet 143505
Mannitol, vial 58869
Mesaton (Phenylephrine), ampoule 89517
Metamizole sodium (Analgin) 50% - 2.0 solution for
injection, ampoule 184611
Metoclopramide, ampoule 301482
Metoprolol, tablet 53111
Metronidazole, lyophilisate/solution for injection, vial 136611
Metformin, tablet 1045887
Morphine, ampoule 42009
Nitroglycerin, tablet 96560
Nitrofurantoin, tablet 28762
Novocain 0.5% - 5.0 solution, ampoule 63628
Ondansetron, tablet 16625
Paracetamol, vial 98621
Propranolol, tablet 28333
Pralidoxime 200 mg 2000000
Hartman’ s solution/Ringer's lactate solution, vial 249240
Salbutamol, spray 35709
Magnesium sulfate, ampoule 193212
Theophylline, ampoule 69997
Thiopental, ampoule 70923
Thiosulfate, ampoule 36875
Tramadol, tablet 3089
Furosemide, ampoule 108503
Chlorhexidine, vial 152674
Potassium chloride, ampoule, vial 79405
Sodium chloride, ampoule, vial 199592
Chloropyramine, tablet 42351
Cetirizine, tablet 74015
Cefepime, vial 281028
Ceftriaxone, lyophilisate/solution for injection, vial 304045
2. Supplies
Priority 1
Syringes with needles (different volumes) 10835402
Alcohol wipes, number of units 2155776
Non-sterile medical bandage, any size, number of units 1489057
System for transfusion of infusion solutions, number of units 1208559
Napkins medical sterile, number of units 961564
Wipes, number of units 726612
Wet wipes, number of units 539925
Test strips for blood glucometers, number of units 485440
Insulin syringes, number of units 360228
Catheters for peripheral veins (different sizes), number of units 337094
Medical bandage large sterile, number of units 195759
Hydrogel anti-burn bandage of different sizes, number of unit 133455
Medical elastic bandage of medium stretch, number of units 116511
Elastic tubular bandage different sizes, number of units 107682

Image of a Ukrainian
A Ukrainian angel delivering Little Wing relief supplies to a neighbor in need

Needles for insulin pen syringes, number of units 105150
Set for catheterization of the bladder, number of units 46103
Central vein catheterization kits, number of units 55746
External fixation device, number of units 40975
Immobilization tires of various types and sizes, number of units 38729
Stomach wash kit, number of units 32697
Tracheal intubation kit, number of units 29676
Kits for lumbar puncture, number of units 18297
Set for drainage of the pleural cavity, number of units 17438
Tracheostomy set, number of units 11204
Set for intraosseous access, number of units 8156
Traction tire, number of units 6811
Pathologoanatomic bags, number of units 2456
3. Tools
Priority 1
Spatulas wooden or plastic, number of units 640458
Headlamp, number of units 50037
Medical thermometer, number of units 46245
Set of surgical instruments, number of units 16499
Tripods for droppers, number of units 27149
Tonometer, number of units 23200
Pulse oximeter for two parameters, number of units 12091
Ladder (wire) splint different sizes, number of units 12446
Sanitary stretchers, number of units 6383
4. Equipment
Priority 1. General list
Anesthesia machine (anesthesia and respiratory system) 1095
Ultrasound diagnostic device 222
The device of artificial ventilation of lungs 1008
Vacuum aspirator 4265
Electrocardiograph 400
Electrocoagulation device 1992
Infusion volumetric pump 4782
Capnograph / CO2 monitor 1960
Laryngoscope with blades of different sizes 163
Patient monitor 2955
Portable light source for patient examination 7140
Portable breathing apparatus for adults and children 1850
Wound VAC 2854
Consumables for the wound VAC 13276
Bronchoscope 42
Portable dosimeter to measure alpha, beta and gamma waves 260
Searching dosimeter-radiometer 260
Stationary gamma spectrometer with semiconductor
detector 28
Luminometer with sets of consumables (cotton swabs) 500
Chemical sampling kit 780
Aspirator for air sampling 54
Portable multicomponent gas analyzers 130
Mercury analyzer 52
Combustible gas detector 130
Ammonia gas analyzer 52
Chlorine analyzer 52
Formaldehyde and toluene detector 52

Analyzer for chemical analysis of drinking water 52
Multifunctional system for electromagnetic field analysis 28
Multifunctional system for noise and vibration analysis 28
Gas analyzer for express analysis of atmospheric air
(formaldehyde, phenol, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide,
ammonia, chlorine, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, ozone,
methanol, benzene) 100
Equipment set for express field analysis of water on-site
(hydrogen index (pH), permanganate index, total alkalinity,
total hardness, dry residue, total iron, manganese,
chlorides, sulfates, ammonium nitrogen, fluorides) 260
Devices for chemical welfare monitoring and field
indication of chemicals 260
Automated system for sanitary and bacteriological tests or
microbiological analyzer to measure and indicate
microorganisms in various objects (with cartridges) 100
Detector ChemPro100i 70
Detector AP4C Proengin 70
M8 - CHEM detector 200
M9 - CHEM detector 200
Molecular genetic and toxicological laboratory
Priority 1
Genetic DNA analyzer / sequencer 12
Automatic sample preparation system 12
Amplifier 12
Real-time PCR system 12
Identification system 12
Set of laboratory furniture 12
Gas chromatograph 10
Mass spectrometer 10
Autosampler 10
5. Personal protective equipment
Priority 1
Medical masks, number of units 1260130
Protective gowns, number of units 516893
Chemical respirators, number of units 234340
Chemical protection suit, number of units (in the kit) 146012
Respirator (gas mask) - M53A1 Mask, number of units 131166
Gas mask filter C2A1 or CF50 canisters 200000
Decontaminants (concentrate) for CBRN materials 40
RSDL® (Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion Kit) 18000000
6. Tactical first aid kit
Priority 1
Individual first-aid kits like IFAK, kits like IPOK: 259907
Mechanical products to stop bleeding (SWAT, SOFT, CAT (tourniqets)
Non-sterile nitrile medical gloves (L or XL size), number of units
Adhesive plaster bactericidal different sizes, number of units 770882
Sterile medical bandage, any size, number of units 611195
Chemical means for a stop of bleeding (bandage
hemostatic tamponing with hemostatic means) (QUIK
CLOT), number of units 251082
Scissors for cutting clothes & shoes (atraumatic), number of units 259416

Individual sterile dressing package with elastic first aid
compression component with protective moisture-resistant shell (Israeli
Emergency Bandage 6), number of units 258737
Polyethylene-based thermo blanket 160 cm wide and 210 cm long,
number of units 259629
Gel-based occlusive thoracic bandage (sticker) (with orwithout valve),
number of units 259230
Blue waterproof marker for the application of information, number of
units 259616
Nasopharyngeal airway (airway, tube) with lubricant,
number of units 25795
7. Other
Priority 1
Rapid diagnostic tests for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS
(multitests), number of units 207480
8. Children's
Priority 1
Mixture for breastfeeding for children more than 6 months of age, gram
Mixture for breastfeeding for children under 6 months,
gram 132209
Fruit puree (baby food), gram 71973
Vegetable puree (baby food), gram 65446
Meat puree (baby food), gram 57117
Diapers size 5, number of units 14052
Diapers size 4, number of units 12611
Diapers size 2, number of units 8968
Diapers size 1, number of units 8187
Diapers size 3, number of units 8131
9. Elements of protective clothing
Priority 1
Helmets (protection class no less than 2, 2a), number of units 4519
Bulletproof vest (protection class no less than 4), number of units 4498
10. Non-medical equipment
Priority 1
Starlink station, number of units 18144
11. Transport
Priority 1
Type C ambulance (unarmored) 500
Evacuation vehicle (armored) 150
Off-road vehicle (four-wheel drive) 130
Transport for outpatient visits of doctors 100
12. Biocides (disinfectants, rodenticides, insecticides)
Priority 1
Means for on-site disinfection and decontamination of
water 7500000
Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets 7500000
Potable Aqua Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets 5000000
Potable Aqua® with PA+ Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets 5000000
Disinfectants Sodium hypochlorite solution Cl active 90000
70% Ethanol 10000
Rodenticides 100000
Insecticides 100000
13. Special drugs and immunobiologics

Priority 1
Inactivated rabies vaccine 12000
Hepatitis A vaccine 370000
Oral Polio Vaccine, 10 dose 1860100
BCG vaccine, 20 dose 987000
MMR vaccine, 2 dose 495000
Hepatitis B vaccine, 1 575600
DT vaccine, 10 dose 492300
Td vaccine, 10 dose 2526900
Hib vaccine, 1 dose 138600
DTP-Hib-HepB-IPV (6-in-1 vaccine) 828900
Rabies vaccine 53700
Injection syringes 6652400
Dilution syringes 20300
Safety boxes for the disposal of used sharps and materials 9800
Botulism Antitoxin Heptavalent (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) -
(equine) 300
Diphtheria Antitoxin (equine) 1500000
Artesunate 378
Artemether/lumefantrine 504
14. Testing for highly dangerous pathogens (No kits)
Priority 1
PCR and ELISA test-system for the detection of especially dangerous
pathogens, various infectious diseases (the list of pathogens and types
of tests will be provided separately) 32000
Rapid antigen tests for the identification of especially
dangerous pathogens, various infectious diseases (the list of pathogens
and types of tests will be provided separately) 2500000
Test kit Colilert-18 100000
Test kit Enterolert DW 100000
Test kit Enterolert Е 100000
Test kit Legionellalert 100000
Set of plastic nozzles for a magnetic head to the KingFisher
96 system, 100 pcs/pack 1500
96-well tablets (for CFX Biorad) 30000
96-well tablets (for Quant Studio 5) 6000
Optical sealing film for tablets, CFX Biorad 30000
Optical sealing film for tablets, Quant Studio 5 6000
Eppendorf test tubes, 1.5 ml (500 pcs/pack) 600000
Universal transport medium for PCR sampling (for
detection of pathogens of bacterial and viral origin) in test tubes of 2.0
ml 150000
Probes for biological sampling 150000
Universal RNase-/DNase-free pipette tips with filter, 100 μl (in boxes
of 96 pieces) 15000
Universal RNase-/DNase-free pipette tips with filter, 200 μl (in boxes
of 96 pieces) 30000
Universal RNase-/DNase-free pipette tips with filter, 1000
μl (in boxes of 96 pieces) 30000
Universal RNase-/DNase-free pipette tips without filter
(yellow), 200 μl (in boxes of 96 pieces) 18000
Universal RNase-/DNase-free pipette tips with filter, 300 μl (in boxes
of 96 pieces) 21000
Universal RNase-/DNase-free pipette tips with filter, 10 μl (in boxes of
96 pieces) 12000
Universal pipette tips without filter, 300 μl (in boxes of 96
Universal pipette tips without filter, 1000 μl (in boxes of 96 pieces)

Quanti-Tray system (51 wells) 270000
Quanti-Tray system (97 wells) 270000
15. Reagents
Priority 1
Alizarin complexone, kg 0,6
Potassium sodium tartrate, kg 15
Lanthanum nitrate, kg 1,5
Manganese chloride, chemically pure (CP), kg 3
Murexide, kg 1,5
Tin chloride, CP, kg 3
Sulfosalicylic acid, CP, kg 6
Chromium eriochrome blue black, kg 0,6
Ammonia 25%, pure, L 90
Acetonitrile, CP, L 30
Butyl acetate, L 60

Hexane, CP, L 30
Ethylene glycol, CP, L 90
Isoamyl alcohol, L 30
Glacial acetic acid, particularly pure, L 30
Chloroform, L 30
Argon, L 30
16. Precursors
Priority 1
Hydrochloric acid, CP, L 60
Sulfuric acid, L 60
Standard titer Potassium permanganate, packs 30
Priority 1
Rapid diagnostic tests for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS
(multitests), number of units 207480

Image of a Ukrainian teacher recievivg school supplies
Hard-working teacher receiving school supplies from Little Wing


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