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Your support will enable us to ship relief containers to people who are hurting and in need




Little Wing Relief is working with Ukrainians both stateside and in Ukraine to fill lists of much needed supplies for civilians and soldiers.

In New York

We are very pleased to be working hand in hand with the indomitable Dmitry Feld, Marketing Manager of the USA Luge Association.

Dmitry has rallied his town of Lake Placid and has been shipping much needed supplies since the onset of the war on Ukraine.

In Ukraine

Through Dmitry, we have partnered with Heraskevych Charity Foundation founded by Vladyslav Heraskevych.

Olympic Skeleton slider  Vladyslav Heraskevych  will  long be remembered from the Bejing 2022 Winter Olympics when upon completing one of his runs, he held up a Ukrainian flag with the words “No War in Ukraine" in front of world TV cameras. In less than two weeks the Russian invation of Ukraine began.

Like many Ukrainian athletes and performers, from ballet dancers to boxers, Hersakevych has answered his country's call and is registered for territorial defense.
Although he has not yet been called to service he, his father Mikhail Geraskevych, Coach of Olympic Team Skeleton and Bobsleigh Ukraine, and his stalwart team mates are using their team van to distribute relief supplies to Kyiv and surrounding areas.

Trips that previously would have taken one or two hours have turned into harrowing journeys, sometimes taking an overnight stay in the van when curfew hits. Brave lads. Brave Ukrainians.

Little Wing Relief is also working on expanded lists of medicines and medical needs from The Ministry of Heath of Ukraine who have provided comprehensive needs lists including everything from children's formula and diapers to ambulances and armored evacuation vehicles.

And yes, we can ship almost anything thanks to the amazing Sara Chianese and TEAM WORLDWIDE. They have an awesome global transport network.

We also have lists of much needed tactical clothing and gear to assist the brave men and women actively fighting the Russian army.

These soldiers are out in the field and their equipment wears out from over-use. So, they are politely begging for used BOOTS, HELMETS, and BODY ARMOR of any grade.
Veterans and Law Enforcement people:
please donate your stuff and put it into use again. You might well save someone's life. That's reality. Thank You.

All of the lists are at the NEEDS LIST page.

Our immediate plan was to start by filling an initial 20 ft. container with critically needed food, medicine and supplies.

Little Wing Relief acting as Big Huge Help has previously shipped four succesive 40 ft. containers of relief goods to underserved populations in Honduras in the devastating wake of Hurricane Mitch.

Our experiences there have given us the know-how and the will to successfully reach our goals.

Support for Ukraine is everywhere so supplies and donations built up very quickly. As result we were happily able to fill a 40 ft. container.

Load #1 left for Columbus on 6 Sept 2022 and after forms and logistics delays left Columbus by rail to Norfolk VA on Oct. 25. From Norfolk it traveled by ship to Lithuania scheduled to arrive Nov. 25. Our people met the container there and drove it through Poland and across the border and into Kyiv. After many delays our shipment arrived on Dec. 26. Many are very grateful for this holiday delivery!.

Load #2 left Athens on 14 February 2023 and arrived in Columbus at Team Worldwide where kennel banks purchased by Little Wing and shipped from Arizona were waiting to join the container, Thanks to Devi Momot and additional supplies from North Country Mission of Hope and Twinstate Technologies, one 40 foot and one 20 foot container sailed under the Little Wing Relief name and arrived in Lithuania mid-March. Once again, our containers were picked up and delivered to Kiev (11 April) where they were distributed to hospitals, clinics, schools, military units, animal rescue organizations and citizens of Ukraine.




Very Special Thanks to

-Dmitry Feld and The USA Luge Association
-Vladislav Heraskevych and
The Heraskevych Charity Foundation

-Mikhail Geraskevych and
Team Skeleton and Bobsleigh Ukraine
-Sara Chianese and Team Worldwide
-Jamie Richardson and White Castle
-Devi Momot and Twinstate Technologies
-North Country Mission of Hope

-Brent Hayes and Tom Parfitt at The Market on State
-Jason Ankeney and Tractor Supply of Athens
-Ambassador Laundry and Dry Cleaning
-The Farmacy Natural & Specialty Foods
-Global Gymnastics
-Kindred Market
-Jay Seaman and Seaman's Cardinal Super Market

Our generous and supportive contributors

Our amazing and truly wonderful volunteers!





image of Dmitry Feld (left) with a Ukrainian friend.
Dmitry Feld (left) with Bastie Boys Andy King

Image of Dmitry in the news collecting tactical vests.
Dmitry in the news collecting tactical vests

Image of Vladyslav Heraskevych at Bejing 2020 and Today.
Vladyslav Heraskevych
Bejing 2020 and Today

Image of Team Ukraine using their van to deliver relief goods.
Team Ukraine
Using their van to deliver relief goods

Image of Mikhail Geraskevych on a street of gutted homes in Kyiv.
Mikhail Geraskevych
Sad street of gutted homes in the middle of Kyiv

Image of Sara Chianese of Team Worldwide.
Getting it there
Sara Chianese of Team Worldwide



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