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How to ship a 40 ft container to Ukraine

Image of the venue
Image of sales room full of rummage sale items

1 July 2022 Little Wing Director Holly Dallman secured a 7000 sq ft office space to be used as shipping site (left) and fund-raising sale (foreground) thanks to the generous support of Brent Hayes at the Market on State.


Meantime, Little Wing were accumulating, sorting, and laying out a massive amount of donated worldly possesssions for the opening of the Big Huge Rummage Sale. This sale raised money to pay shipping costs for load #2 in February.

Image of the front door of LittleWing Relief Center
Image of the shipping room
Image of the forklift driver loading Little Wing supplies into the transport truck
Image of the transport truck from Tema Worldwide

Our office has no double doors so the shipping pallets cannot be made up inside because they won't fit through the door. So we've made a pallet layout inside, where we built pallet loads. We then moved, stacked and wrapped each pallet outside. Oh, and we also have no loading dock.

  Thanks again to Tractor Supply of Athens. We were able to use their loading ramp and it was their forklift and driver who then loaded up the Team Worldwide van which took our 12 pallets up to Columbus for the next leg.
Image of a cart load of donated goods
image of a 50 lb. bag of donated rice
Image of front entrance of our shipping company, Team Worldwide
Image of Tom standing in front of our Ukrainian bound container
Image of Tom and Holly standing with the 16 pallet load
Image of donated soldiers gear

Support for Ukraine manifests in the form of generous donations of funds and supplies from many individuals and businesses. We are so grateful!


In Columbus our 12 pallets met up with 4 pallets that were sent directly to TWW. Tom and Holly went up to see the container loaded and shipped.

Image of Little Wing volunteers at work
image of shipping room filling with boxes
Image of containers being transported by rail
Image of a container ship on the high seas

Our dedicated and effecient Little Wing volunteers worked against a deadline to get a wide variety of supplies inventoried, packed, and ready for transport.


Our container then traveled by rail to the Port of Norfolk, Virginia. In Norfolk it was loaded onto a container ship bound for the port of Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Director Holly Dallman standing before a cart used for palleting
Image of volunteer Tristan Medley wrapping a pallet for shipment
Image of a map of Eastern Europe showing the route traveled by the truck hauling our container to Kviv (Kiev)

Here's Holly showing a pallet's worth of goods ready to be loaded and securely wrapped for shipping.                                         


Volunteer Tristan Medley did what it takes to wrap and secure each of the 12 pallets.

  Once the relief load reached the docks of Klaipeda, a semi trailer truck was there to pick it up and haul the container through Llithuania and Poland and across the eastern Ukraine border and driven into Kyiv (Kiev).

pallets to their warehouse
Image of stored pallets at Tractoe Supply
Image of the pallets being off loaded in Kyiv (Kiev)
Two Foundation members holding up a sign thanking Little Wing Relief and some of our sponsors
  Jason Ankeney and Tractor Supply of Athens generously offered to take our pallets over to their warehouse and to use the TS loading dock when our truck arrived.
Thank You Jason and TS staff!

26 Dec 2022 Our friends at the Hersakevych Foundation offload the truck, get the shipment into the warehouse and begin the task of dispersing goods to civilians, soldiers, schools, clinics, hospitals, animal recue teams, and others in need.






That's how we did it.
Container #2 Left February 14.
Please support us.


Ukrainians have been letting us know how grateful they are that
Americans actually care about them and their struggles.


Image of Ukrainian animal rescue workerImage of a young Ukrainian picking up dog food at the Red Cross for Animals centerImage of a Ukrainian soldier in the fieldImage of Mother at Child at the distribution center

Image of a Ukrainian woman picking up pet food at the  distribution centerA military animal rescue worker saying hello to a lonely poochImage of fashionably dressed Ukrainian woman at the distribution center


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